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Movie Review-Tumbbad

Love nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat thrillers? Then Tumbbad is your pick. Read on to see what Arpit Purohit from Team Salaam Life thinks about the movie.

TUMBBAD- A Fantasy Thriller which resembles the day to day life of people, set in the 20th century.

Starting: Sohum Shah, Mohammad Samad

Directors: Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, Adesh Prasad

Cinematography:- Pankaj Kumar

Rating- 4/5 stars * * * *


The story begins with a goddess who created the entire universe and all the Gods there after. The first-born son of the goddess (Hastar) is the evilest of them all who wants to keep all the food and gold for himself. When the other gods are killing him, the mother saves him on the condition that his name shall never be revealed to the world and will always be in her womb.

The Story is portrayed in three parts, which depict three generations and how each generation keeps getting greedier to the point that they are willing to do anything for money. It’s a lot like today’s world where every new generation is becoming more and more materialistic and greedy for money to fulfill their needs.

For me, this story is a “Fantasy Thriller” in which people want to do minimal work for the maximum amount of money. Defined under the horror genre, this movie will definitely scare you but not in the traditional sense (Please don’t go to watch this movie expecting a typical horror movie). This is a very creepy type of horror where you might get scared looking at certain characters and all that credit goes to the prosthetics and the make up team. For the first time I’ve seen a Hindi movie where the prosthetics seemed real enough to make me believe that the character I was watching didn’t seem fake. Also you will witness beautiful work in ageing of the main character Vikram Rao (played by Soham Shah).

There weren’t a lot of characters in the movie but everyone who was involved played their part fantastically. Vikram Rao, Raghav and all of the kids who were a part of the movie have done a commendable job. This just goes out to prove how good the direction by the co-directors was who were able to bring out the best in everything. There were no songs in the movie but the background score was so strong that there wasn’t any need for any songs. Hats off to the cinematographer who has captured the movie so beautifully.

The end for me was very unsettling because it made me realize how the world has become. Most people have become so greedy that keep running after money (including me) and people who have not will become at some point in their lives to the extent that they have become oblivious to other things in life that actually give you happiness. Having said that I absolutely loved the movie and it shows how great the team is who have all come together. The team has not only made this fantastic movie but also held on it for so long when they had no support whatsoever.

The movie can get slow at times and is not everyone’s cup of tea. A must-must watch for people who want to watch some good, meaningful Cinema or an intense movie.

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Arpit is a food blogger and film reviewer based in Mumbai. He can be contacted at @thesavoringchef

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